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EODIAH Launches Art and Medicine Resources Website

Distinguished Scholar in Residence at UT Dallas Bonnie Pitman’s major advances in the field of Art Museum and Medical School Partnerships has led to the establishment of the new Art and Medicine resource site hosted by The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History:

The Art Museum and Medical School Partnerships initiative centers on the advancement of medical students, interns, residents and fellows being taught to look at works of art and in turn relating that to their professional practices. By doing so, they develop observation, interpretative, empathic and collaborative skills in order to enhance their clinical diagnosis and practices.

With the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Pitman organized a landmark gathering called The Art of Examination: Art Museums and Medical School Partnerships that brought together more than 135 leading art museum and medical school professionals at a two-day convening on June 8 and 9, 2016, held at MoMA.

The Forum was designed to share information about programs and partnerships between the art community and the medical community and was the largest gathering of professionals dedicated to work in this area and the first time that many had an opportunity to exchange information and ideas about these programs.

Research conducted during the development of The Art of Examination: Art Museums and Medical School Partnerships Forum led to the compilation of critical resource materials for art museum and medical school partnerships including a Bibliography of research articles, studies, and books relating to the field; a list of Program Descriptions of 70 partnered programs; and a selection of course Syllabi.

The new site also serves as documentation of The Art of Examination Forum. Pitman’s Report on the Forum summarizes the gathering and describes next steps in moving the field forward. A Summary showcases highlights from the Forum with photographs. The Forum’s Program with list of speakers, Roster of attendance, PowerPoint Presentations of plenary and Idea Exchange sessions, and video Recordings of the main sessions bring to life the important ideas brought forth and collaborations formed from the Forum.

As the number, variety and purpose of collaborative art museum and medical education programs are expanding, networks for research, evaluation and future convenings are advancing. The Edith O’Donnell Institute for Art History will continue to provide access to resources on the Art and Medicine website at

The Art of Examination Forum held teaching demonstrations in the MoMA galleries. Photo: Manuel Martagon.

The Art of Examination Forum held teaching demonstrations in the MoMA galleries. Photo: Manuel Martagon.



Press of the Forum has been overwhelmingly positive including a feature in The New York Times.


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