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Art and Medicine Updates

Bonnie Pitman, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, UT Dallas

Bonnie Pitman continues to make major advancements in her work on Art and Medicine at UT Dallas. Her recent publications in the Dallas Morning News and San Antonio Medicine highlight her continuing initiatives to expand the awareness of the national movement teaching medical students the art of close-looking, developing empathy and dealing with ambiguity through looking at works at the Dallas Museum of Art.  Pitman’s feature in Zócalo Public Square focuses on her life-long dedication to art museum engagement and the successful practices she implemented at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Dr. Heather Wickless, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and Amanda Blake, Interim Director of Education at the Dallas Museum of Art are commencing plans to join Pitman in teaching the 2018 class for UT Southwestern Medical School students.


St. Louis University Keynote and the St. Louis Art Museum Gallery Tour with Physicians and Educators


 Pitman has been invited to deliver a keynote lecture and grand rounds at Saint Louis University (SLU)’s Art History Department this Fall 2017, to art history faculty and students, health professionals and students, and art educators. Her talk “The Art of Examination: Art and Medicine Explored” provides an overview of the current art in medicine programs around the country and her work at UT Southwestern Medical School, teaching medical students skills for close observation, empathy, communication and dealing with ambiguity through close looking at art. She will also facilitate an educational session in the St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM) galleries with members of the museum’s Learning & Engagement team and physicians at the Medical School using objects in the museum’s collection to share her unique methods of merging art and medical teaching.


New Publications

Dallas Morning News 

“Universities partner with Dallas Museum of Art to teach medical students importance of empathy”

San Antonio Medicine 

The Art of Examination: Medical School and Art Museum Partnerships”

Zocalo Public Square

“Want to Find New Audiences? Keep Trying New Things”