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Crow Collection of Asian Art Updates, Exhibitions, and Programs

The year 2018 will bring major changes to the Crow Collection of Asian Art as the museum undergoes a multi-million-dollar expansion – including a new gallery, reimagined Lotus Shop, interactive “street-side” art studio and Center for Contemplative Leadership. Upon completion of the construction in October, the nonprofit organization will launch its next chapter as the Crow Museum of Asian Art, a name that reflects not only the breadth of the collection and programming but also the museum’s wide and diverse community support.

Read more for details on these exciting new developments


Earthly Splendor: Korean Ceramics from the Collection

(through Sunday, September 9, 2018)

Outstanding examples of contemporary Korean ceramics paired with historical Korean ceramics from the museum’s permanent collection to highlight the material, aesthetic, stylistic, and technical developments of Korean ceramics throughout history.

Fierce Loyalty: A Samurai Complete


Exquisitely crafted and perfectly preserved samurai suit of armor worn by Abe Masayoshi (1700-1769), Lord of Fukuyama Fiefdom in the Edo period (1603–1868).

Current Programs

May 22 – SOLUNA Master Shen-Long 

June 1 – Stay Calm and Cool This Summer, The Ayurveda Way

Weekday Wellness Classes at the Crow Collection. Every weekday from noon-5pm.

Monthly Breathe: Art and Wellness Workshops for veterans and first responders