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Report from the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History Research Center

Günther Förg, Color Field, 1986, Acrylic on wood, 80 x 200 cm, 31 ½ x 78 ¾ in. Private collection.

We are excited to welcome everyone to join us this fall for our scholarly programs in the Research Center. Fall workshops by guest speakers include James Clifton, Director of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation and Curator of Renaissance and Baroque Paintings at the MFAH; Dr. Elizabeth Molacek, Curatorial Fellow in the Division of Asian and Mediterranean of the Harvard Art Museums; and Catherine Craft, Curator at the Nasher Sculpture Center.  In October our own Dr. Paul Galvez, EODIAH Visiting Assistant Professor and MA Program Chair will give a Workshop Talk titled Violence and Impressionism: the case of early Cézanne, which is drawn from his current book project. On November 6, 7:00 p.m. Dr. Gregory H. Williams, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art at Boston University, will give a public lecture on artist Günther Förg in conjunction with the DMA’s fall special exhibition Günther Förg: A Fragile Beauty. Förg was a prolific and provocative artist from the Cologne art scene of the 1980s, and his work reflects the cultural and political climate of postwar Germany. Dr. Williams will share highlights from the exhibition and consider the artist’s work within the context of world events and key issues in 20th-century art.

The Research Center will host a new exhibition this fall: The Art of Living in the Eighteenth Century. Our sixth vitrine installation, curated by EODIAH Visiting Assistant Professor and MA Program Chair Dr. Paul Galvez, and DMA Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Sarah Schleuning, highlights the depth and quality of the DMA’s decorative arts collection.

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that the Research Center will host two graduate seminars for our first cohort of Art History MA students. Foundations II: History of Materials and Techniques explores the history of artistic materials and techniques, and asks how materials and the act of making create meaning. A cornerstone of the MA program, students will have the unique opportunity for close engagements with artworks in the DMA’s collection among others. Topics in the History of Collecting: Early Modern examines patronage and collecting at the early modern European court (c. 1400-1700), where often in the same space wonders of art were displayed alongside wonders of art and science.

The Research Center promises to be a lively center of scholarly activity this fall with a new group of fellows and graduate students. We look forward to the coming year and welcome you to our many Fall programs. Visit our website at plan your calendar!


Lauren LaRocca

Coordinator of Special Programs

The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History