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Virginia Curry, EODIAH Graduate Fellow

Virginia Curry was recently re-elected to the Board of Directors of ICOM-US for a term of three years.  Ms. Curry also serves on the Board of Directors of the ICOM International Committee for Collections (COMCOL).

The ICOM International Committee for Museum Documentation (CIDOC) has selected two papers submitted by Ms. Curry for presentation as technical papers for their annual conference with the theme:  “Provenance of Knowledge”. The first technical paper “Cognitio Causarum”: Interdisciplinary Discourse in Antiquity and Modernity; Preserving and Privileging the Original Archive considers reliance on libraries and archives as modeled in antiquity to act as the knowledge base for adult interdisciplinary lifelong discourse and learning in modernity. The second technical paper “In the Eye of the Beholder: Felony Hubris” concerns the maintenance and utilization of museum archives to interrogate provenance and authenticity issues of museum collections.  The Gardner Museum Collection is highlighted in this paper.

The ICOM International Committee for Museum Exchange (ICEE) and International Committee for Fine Art (ICFA) have also accepted a paper by Curry for presentation at their joint annual meeting in November in Madrid and Barcelona.  The theme of the conference is “Cultural Heritage: Transition and Transformation”. Ms. Curry’s presentation concerns the Keir Foundation Collection on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art and its utilization by the Edith O’Donnell Institute of UT Dallas in “hands on” art history instruction, interdisciplinary seminars, and shall demonstrate how the Keir Collection’s arrival at the Dallas Museum of Art exemplifies the Museum’s DMX program “which was launched in 2012 and facilitates loans of cultural objects from international organizations in exchange for the museum sharing its expertise in conservation, exhibitions, education and new media.”