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Art and Medicine at EODIAH

Bonnie Pitman, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, UT Dallas

The Art and Medicine program headed by UT Dallas Distinguished Scholar in Residence Bonnie Pitman cultivates connections between art and science.

Art of Examination

Now in its fifth year, “The Art of Examination”, an 8-week preclinical elective open to first and second-year medical students at UT Southwestern Medical School that focuses on developing vital skills for clinical diagnosis through looking at works of art, has begun for the Spring 2019 semester.

Taught by UT Dallas Distinguished Scholar in Residence Bonnie Pitman, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Assistant Professor of Dermatology Heather Woodworth Goff, M.D., M.P.H., and Dallas Museum of Art Manager of Community Programs Amy Copeland, “The Art of Examination” leads UTSW medical students through a series of observations, discussions, and exercises based on works of art in the galleries of the Dallas Museum of Art, Crow Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, The Warehouse, and the UTSW Clements University Hospital.

The course uses the power of art to foster early in students’ medical careers the habits of close visual inspection and cognitive reflection of those observations. Learning such visual literacy skills addresses ambiguity in the physical exam and patient interaction; and group discussion develops skills in synthesizing observations with knowledge and experiences, and considering the collaborative thinking process of the group.

This semester’s session topics include the Power of Observation, artists as patients, tolerance of ambiguity, conservation, mindfulness and burnout, the human form, and empathy and compassion, all geared towards preparation for medical practice. 

All are invited to follow the fun on Instagram @artdocs:  

For information on the UTSW curriculum and more Art of Examination resources such as a bibliography and list of program descriptions, visit

Center for Brain Health and Do Something New™

In her role as the Director of Art – Brain Innovations at the UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth, Bonnie Pitman begins the year by teaching a series of workshops at the Center for BrainHealth that pair her Do Something New™ practice with the latest neuroscience research. Aimed at fostering better brain health, the interactive workshops explore topics such as how to discover joy, craft resilience, and maintain focus in relation to Pitman’s long-standing practice of doing something new every day. 

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