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Become a Friend of EODIAH

Dear Friends of EODIAH,

The fall has been a busy one for everyone at the O’Donnell Institute. Even though Dr. Brettell has been on a very well deserved sabbatical, our work has been ongoing and very successful. And, we continue to be energized about the Institute’s exciting future with the recent announcement of Michael Thomas as our new Director. We look forward to introducing him to you in the coming months. 

On the development front, EODIAH received an impressive grant from The Harry J. Bass, Jr. Foundation.  We are indebted to to Mrs. Doris Bass for her continued support and investments in the technological tools that we need to move our mission forward and to steward the assets of the University and EODIAH. The $50,000 grant will be used to purchase a collections management system (CMS) for the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History.  

A CMS will allow staff to capture and manage all of the data related to each collection, and catalogue and cross reference everything from object information to archival data.  Our system will also include a web publishing tool that will give us the ability to share our collections online with the university community and the public at large. 

We thank The Harry J. Bass, Jr. Foundation for this very generous gift to the O’Donnell Institute that supports our continued work as we build an exciting future in the arts at the University.

The O’Donnell Institute has and will receive multiple collections in the next five years that will become the foundation of an Athenaeum at UT Dallas.  Promised collections include the Barrett Collection and the Carolyn Brown Archive, among others.  

On behalf of Dr. Brettell, Dr. Kozlowski and the EODIAH staff, we thank you for your support and interest in the University of Texas at Dallas and the O’Donnell Institute – a unique and enriching resource for all of us.

Please call me with any questions if you would like to make a gift or need further information.  To make a gift today visit

Lucy M. Buchanan

Director of Development

Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History