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Dr. Mark Rosen Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, School of Arts and Humanities, Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts

In summer of 2018, Associate Professor Mark Rosen began a position as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the School of Arts and Humanities. In fall, he gave two invited lectures on his current research on bird’s-eye views, one at the Newberry Library in Chicago and the other at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. 

His latest essay, “As the World Turns: Revisiting Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Lost Wheel Map in Siena,” was recently published in Art and Experience in Early Renaissance Italy, edited by Holly Flora and Sarah Wilkins (Turnhout: Brepols, 2018). 

In addition, he completed two essays for edited volumes that will appear in 2019: “Worlds Apart: The Four Continents and the Civitates orbis terrarum,” which will appear in Gendered Bodies and Maps: Personifications of the Continents, edited by Maryanne Horowitz and Louise Arizzoli; and “The pierre levée of Poitiers as Allegorical Site in the Civitates orbis terrarum,” to be featured in Allegorie et topographie. Èpoque Moderne (XVIe – XVIIIe siècles), edited by Antonella Fenech Kroke and Etienne Jollet. 

In recent months he has also published two feature articles in the Dallas Morning News, one about the legacy of modern Protestant icon-maker Warner Sallman, the other about the 1985 filming of David Byrne’s True Stories in North Texas. 

In spring 2019 Rosen is offering a graduate seminar on the Global Baroque that will include a trip to Mexico to visit some of the greatest New World buildings in that style.