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In September, the first issue of Athenaeum Review appeared in print, featuring articles by Rick Brettell on the Wilcox Space and the Athenaeum, Paul Galvez on “First Sculpture” at the Nasher Sculpture Center, and Charissa Terranova on bioaesthetics. The second print issue will appear in April.

Complementing the print journal is a website created by UT Dallas’s own Cassini Nazir. The website includes several online-only features, such as a series of interviews with artists about their work, as well as a podcast series in which artists and scholars discuss their work. Recent guests on the podcast include artist Ludwig Schwarz, and EODIAH guests and fellows such as Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Gregory H. Williams, and Hansong Dan.

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Dr. Gregory Williams: No Quotations: Günther Förg in the Context of the Long 1980s

On November 6th, Dr. Gregory Williams gave a public evening lecture at the museum entitled “No Quotations: Günther Förg in the Context of the Long 1980s,” jointly sponsored by the Dallas Museum of Art and the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History. While in town, Dr. Williams also led several other programs, including docent training for the DMA, a seminar at UT Dallas, a visit to The Warehouse, and an interview for the Athenaeum Review podcast.

This lecture and associated events stimulated many fruitful and rewarding conversations about contemporary art history, ranging from the lively artistic scene in 1980s Cologne surrounding Förg (including, among others, the artists Martin Kippenberger, Rosemarie Trockel, Albert Oehlen and the gallerists Max Hetzler and Monika Sprüth), to the subtleties of Förg’s work, suspended as it is between the legacies of modernism and the challenges of postmodernism, at the same time exploiting the specific formal properties of each medium while also bringing together painting, photography, and architectural space in his trademark combined installations.

Gregory Williams is associate professor of contemporary art history,  and associate chair of the department of art history at Boston University. He has published widely on contemporary art in journals such as October, Artforum, Art Journal, Frieze, Parkett and Texte zur Kunst, and contributed catalog essays for exhibitions at the Tate Modern, Museum Ludwig, and Kunstmuseum Basel among many others. His book Permission to Laugh: Humor and Politics in Contemporary German Art, was published by the University of Chicago Press. His current research projects include a monograph on the East German artist Carlfriedrich Claus, a study of the 1960s-era attempt to combine training in fine arts and applied arts at the Werkkunstschule in West Germany, and an edited volume on the German artist and filmmaker Harun Farocki (1944-2014).

Gregory Williams, Leslie Reid, Jacquelyn Delin and Ben Lima

Gregory Williams, Stephen Lapthisophon, Christina Rees, Liz Trosper, John Pomara, Ben Lima and Francisco Moreno, at Liz Trosper’s exhibition at The Wilcox Space

Touring “Günther Förg: A Fragile Beauty” with DMA McDermott interns, EODIAH ISAAC fellows and MA students

Lecture: “No Quotations: Günther Förg in the Context of the Long 1980s.” (Not depicted: post-lecture dinner with Leigh Arnold (Nasher), Katherine Brodbeck (DMA), Hilde Nelson (DMA), Jessie Carrillo (DMA), Paul Galvez, Greg Williams and Ben Lima.)

Seminar at EODIAH: Ben Lima, Ting Zhang, Marjaneh Goudarzi, Weiyi Wu, Greg Williams and Gavin Delahunty

Tour of “Topologies” at The Warehouse. Gregory Williams, Marjaneh Goudarzi, Thomas Feulmer

Announcing the premiere issue of Athenaeum Review

The front cover of Athenaeum Review 1 (2018) features an artwork by Lorraine Tady: Octagon Vibration Series/Event Horizon after Monks Mound Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, IL, 2017. Acrylic and archival ink on canvas, 48 x 36 inches. Copyright © 2017 Lorraine Tady. Courtesy of the artist and Barry Whistler Gallery.


We are pleased to announce the launch of Athenaeum Review, a new journal jointly published by the Edith O’Donnell Institute and the School of Arts and Humanities at UT Dallas, which features essays, reviews and interviews by leading scholars in the arts and humanities.

The mission of Athenaeum Review is to help make interesting and important ideas in the humanities freely available to the general educated public, and to promote thoughtful, in-depth criticism of the arts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our first issue includes an introduction to the Athenaeum and an essay on the Wilcox Space, both by Rick Brettell, as well as reviews of “First Sculpture” at the Nasher by Paul Galvez, and of two books on bioaesthetics by Charissa Terranova.

Among much else, there are also essays on Frankenstein at 200, democracy promotion, culinary history, David Hume and Adam Smith, African performance, and science fiction, as well as lists of the best books on British Romanticism, Athenian democracy and Joseph Conrad.

On our website, you will find a series of extended illustrated interviews with artists about their work, including Lorraine Tady, Angela Kallus, Bryan Florentin, Liz Trosper and Luke Harnden , all of whose work is published in the first print issue. There is also a selectively curated weekly calendar of important local lectures, performances and exhibitions.

The Athenaeum Review podcast features conversations with scholars about their work, including recent EODIAH fellows and guests Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Yve-Alain Bois, Suzanne Preston Blier, Michael Lobel, and Annabel Daou.

Please join us for two consecutive events celebrating the appearance of the first issue:

A reception will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday, September 27th at Interabang Books in Dallas (RSVP), followed on Friday, September 28th by a panel discussion at UTD’s SP/N Gallery, where Rick Brettell, Charissa Terranova, Paul Galvez and Dennis Kratz will discuss “The Future of Criticism.” (5:00pm reception, 5:30pm talk; RSVP). Refreshments, including the much-loved gougères, will be served by Oak Cliff Creperie on both nights.

For more information about Athenaeum Review, please contact Ben Lima:

The Athenaeum Review: A New Review of Arts and Humanities

The Athenaeum Review (formerly Formwork) is a new publication of the UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities, co-sponsored by the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, whose mission is to share serious, thoughtful work in the arts and humanities with the general public.

The Athenaeum Review publishes essays, reviews and interviews by leading scholars, with a particular focus on exhibitions, performances, and other cultural and intellectual events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as the arts and books more generally. Our first issue will appear this fall, and include essays by Richard Brettell, Founding Director of the O’Donnell Institute, Charissa Terranova, associate professor, and Paul Galvez, postdoctoral research fellow at EODIAH.

For more information, please contact Benjamin Lima at