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Art and Medicine at EODIAH

UT Southwestern students participate in The Art of Examination course at the DMA

Art and Medicine at EODIAH


The Art and Medicine program headed by UT Dallas Distinguished Scholar in Residence Bonnie Pitman advances in research and outreach.


Art of Examination

2018 marks the third year that EODIAH has been the host hub for important resources relating to Art Museum and Medical School Partnerships: collaborative programs developed by art museums that partner with medical schools in order to cultivate medical students’ skills in rigorous observation, critical thinking, communication, team-building, empathy and relate these to diagnostic practices. The Art and Medicine website recently released updated versions of the field’s bibliography, program descriptions, and sample syllabi of courses.

The extensive and fast-growing Art Museum and Medical School Partnerships bibliography offers a variety of media in an expansive collection containing program details, related medical humanities developments, and documentation on the value of observation art-based learning experiences. A centralized node of research, it continues to advance the field by creating opportunities to exchange teaching methodologies and establish networks for research and evaluation.

The Art Museum and Medical School Partnerships Program Descriptions collection is international in its scope, currently listing over 120 programs that outline each program’s key personnel, goals, students served, and outcomes. New additions in the updated version include partnerships that expand into the fields of nursing, mental health, and other medical arenas, such as the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in Perth, Australia, that partners with the Sir Charles Gairdner and Osborne Park Health Care Group to offer object-based learning for Emergency Medicine specialists and trainees. The course is designed to teach close observation of unfamiliar material in a non-threatening context, with students gaining skills in collaborative program solving, creative thinking, tolerance of ambiguity, close visual-spatial observation, and empathy.


Center for Brain Health

As the Director of Art – Brain Innovations at the UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth, Bonnie Pitman moves forward in partnership with the Center for Brain Health in her research initiatives. Pitman has paired with Dr. Leanne Young, Executive Director of the CBH Brain Performance Institute, to infuse the framework for the Power of Observation (the process of seeing, looking, and observing) with cutting edge neuroscience research. 2019 will bring exciting advances in the Power of Observation framework as Pitman and Young develop a set of evaluations, workshops, and lectures.


Do Something New

Bonnie Pitman continues to share her personal journey of living with chronic illness with her Do Something New™practice that celebrates life in a daily exploration of taking an ordinary day and making it extraordinary.

On September 20, she will hold a talk at the Center of Brain Health Brain Performance Institute on her latest discoveries of Do Something New™as she prepares her venture for a future book. The enlightening session will invite idea discussion and inspire all to adopt practices of their own.

Register for Bonnie Pitman’s upcoming talk on her Do Something New Practice

September 20, 2018

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Reception 6:30-7 PM
Lecture 7-8 PM

UT Dallas Center for Brain Health on Mockingbird Ave, Brain Performance Institute