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September 4 – November 10, 2018

The fall, the University of Texas at Dallas’s SP/N Gallery hosts a retrospective of noted Dallas artist Tracy Hicks (1946- 2014). The show looks at a lifetime of art intersecting with science through making, collecting, documentating, creative partnerships, and innovative visual adaptations.

A maverick in his creative research pursuits, Hicks was chosen to participate in one of the early rounds of artists at the renown Project Row House in Houston  along with Fred Wilson and Shahazia Sikander. This was followed by a collaboration with Rick Lowe in his Mobile Media Lab on a photo archive of Houston’s Third Ward.

Tracy Hicks showed opposite Damien Hirst at the DMA in 1994. In 2010 Hicks was one of the first artists selected for a coveted Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship (SARF), established to bring together Smithsonian scientific experts and “outstanding visual artists.”

Hicks saw art as “a structural framework that parallels science, sometimes incorporating objective knowledge but grounded in subjective interpretations that leave room for irrational possibilities and whims.” 

He described himself as “an archivist guided by visceral impulses in exploring our ever-changing human landscape, both physically and conceptually. I create archives and then dig into them (as well as archives created by others) to constantly interpret and reinterpret the substance of reality.”

There is much to see in this 20-year retrospective. The exhibition includes Hicks’s major works: Freedman’s Field, Darwin, and Third Ward Archive. It is an opportunity to experience the art and world of this significant artist.

The exhibition runs through Nov. 10 in the UTD SP/N Gallery.

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