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The Reading Room

Francis Almendárez

The Potential Wanderer

January 19, 2019 – March 2, 2019

The Reading Room presents The Potential Wanderer, an exhibition by Houston-based Francis Almendárez from January 19 through March 2. Blending video, installation, sound, and performance, Almendárez investigates the liminal space one occupies as a second-generation immigrant, examining how identity develops and functions within the overlapping of cultures. The exhibition is curated by Caroline Elbaor. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, January 19 from 6 to 9 pm. There will be a performance by Almendárez at 6 pm. Almendárez is a 2018 Houston Artadia Awardee. He has exhibited in the United States and abroad in the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany and Portugal.

For further information: Karen Weiner 214 952 4109

The Reading Room, 3715 Parry Avenue, Dallas

Reading Room Exhibition

to Further Seasons

to Further Seasons, a group exhibition of unusual images and texts about nature, curated by artist, writer and curator Lucia Simek, will open April 28 at The ReadingRoom and continue through June 9.

The exhibition will include visual material from Jesse Morgan Barnett, Cassandra Emswiler Burd, Trevor Davis, Michael Dean, Erika Duque, Ian Hamilton Findlay, Jen Porembski, Marjorie Schwarz and Myron Stout, as well as works by unknown artists. The interplay of visual and textual materials will explore ideas of fecundity, blossoming, pollination, scientific exploration, horticulture, wizardry, danger and beauty.

Visit the Reading Room website or contact Karen Weiner 214.952.4109

Exhibition Highlight: Mason Bryant at The Reading Room

pigment extracted from Yves Klein's "Table Bleu" impregnated as tracing

pigment extracted from Yves Klein’s “Table Bleu” impregnated as tracing

Mordants, by Mason Bryant

January 14 – February 11

Mordants, an exhibition by Fort Worth artist Mason Bryant will open Saturday, January 14 from 6 to 8 pm at The Reading Room. A mordant is a dye fixative, a chemical substance that combines with a dye or stain to permanently adhere it to a fabric or tissue. Bryant appropriates and recontextualizes gestures, texts and images of artists from the past to conjure new forms.It is a kind of alchemy.The exhibit continues through February 11, 2017.

Bryant lives and works in Fort Worth. He received an MFA from Texas Christian University and a BA from University of Texas at Arlington. His work has been shown at Conduit Gallery, Black Lodge Gallery and Fort Worth Contemporary Arts.

http://thereadingroom-dallas.blogspot.com, Karen Weiner 214 952 4109

Exhibition Highlight: Darren Jones at The Reading Room


Where to Live After Death: Test for Self Portrait as a Gargoyle (Castle Glume), photograph, 2016

Where to Live After Death: Test for Self Portrait as a Gargoyle (Castle Glume), photograph, 2016

The Reading Room presents Nine Inch Will Please a Lady: Romance and Ribaldry in the Literary Vernacular of Scotland, a text installation by Darren Jones from November 5 to December 10. It will include language that is bawdy, romantic, hilarious and mystical along with related objects/images.

There will be an opening reception for the artist on November 5 from 6 to 8 pm.

Jones is an art critic, artist and curator. His work has appeared at Walsh Gallery/Seton Hall University, Index Art Center, Deep Space New York, Cuchifritos Gallery and as part of Phenomena Project, as well as in Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Russia and Argentina.  His writing has been published in Artcritical, Artslant, Artforum and The Brooklyn Rail.  His book with David Carrier The Contemporary Art Gallery: Display, Power and Privilege was just released. Jones is hosted by CentralTrak Artist Residency. 

http://thereadingroom-dallas.blogspot.com, Karen Weiner