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Shilyh Warren, Assistant Professor of Aesthetic and Film Studies

ShilyhWarrenShilyh Warren is assistant professor of Aesthetics and Film Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is currently writing a book about the history of women’s documentary filmmaking with a special focus on the 1970s. Her essays on documentary and feminist filmmaking have appeared in Camera Obscura, South Atlantic Quarterly, Signs, Jump Cut, and Mediascape. She is also the co-editor of a special feature on feminist pedagogy and cinematic violence for Films for the Feminist Classroom.

On October 31st, Shilyh curated a series of films from the 1970s at the Segal Theater Center at The Graduate Center at CUNY in New York. Beginning at 11:00am, an all‐day screening, “Shorts from the Feminist Seventies” showcased a selection of 16mm feminist documentary shorts made by women on topics ranging from marriage, sex, and reproductive health to labor, identity, and memory—all borrowed from the New York Public Library’s Reserve Film and Video Collection. Q&A sessions throughout the day included filmmakers Mirra Bank, Abigail Child, Amalie Rothschild, Claudia Weill, and archivist Elena Rossi-Snook from the New York Public Library’s Reserve Film and Video Collection.

“Women’s documentary filmmaking of the 1970s gave voice to the complex concerns of feminist activism, including gender, class, race, religion, sexuality and ethnicity,” said Warren.

“This day-long screening offers an unprecedented opportunity to see the films in their original 16mm format and speak directly with the influential pioneers of women’s documentary filmmaking.”

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